Welcome to the Copyright & Information Policy Office

Syracuse University’s faculty, students and staff produce, distribute and share a wide range of works in a variety of media. Members of the University community also use others’ works while pursuing research, curricular, and scholarly goals. As a result, everyone at Syracuse University has a stake in a copyright system that efficiently balances a copyright owner’s exclusive rights with the public’s ability to use those same works.

This Web site provides educational information to the Syracuse University community about copyright and other laws, policies, and regulations that govern information creation, use, retention and adaptation for scholarly purposes. The Portal also provides guidance and direction to the University community on issues such as:

  • Authorship and protection of scholarship;
  • Copyright ownership, including its rights and obligations;
  • Limitations and exceptions, such as fair use;
  • Licensing of electronic resources and media; and
  • Use of copyrighted works.

The Web site is the official home for Using Copyrighted Works in Teaching: A Guide for Syracuse University Faculty, a manual that helps members of the Syracuse University community legally use a variety of protected works for curricular purposes.

All the Portal’s information is educational. None of the Portal’s information is, or should be considered to be, legal advice. Please see the Disclaimer for more details.

To contact the office directly, email cipa@syr.edu.