Discussing the Copyright Guide

Author: K. Matthew Dames

By now, most faculty have received a copy of Using Copyrighted Works in Teaching: A Guide for Syracuse University Faculty. This Guide provides recommendations that will help members of the SU community legally use a variety of works for curricular purposes.

As Provost Spina’s introductory message indicates, the Guide remains a living document that I will update regularly to reflect new modes of instruction and improve its clarity and utility. In the spirit of meeting the Provost’s desire for continually improved utility, I welcome the opportunity to discuss the Guide with all interested academic departments, faculty, ITS personnel, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants.

Such a session allows faculty and other community members an opportunity to comment on what works, what doesn’t work (generally or specific to discipline), and suggest improvements. I welcome such a meeting because it gives me the chance to contextualize the Guide’s development and gather ideas for subsequent editions.

If you are a faculty member and would like me to visit with your department or with select faculty to discuss the Copyright Guide or other information policy matters, please coordinate a session with your Subject Specialist. Other members of the University community can coordinate a meeting with me using the Inquiry Request form.

I look forward to working with you.